Team Building Programs

The Ancient City Scramble

This program uses America’s Oldest City as the perfect setting for team building. The historic district is pedestrian friendly and everyone enjoys navigating the narrow passageways. Participants use their communication, creativity and teamwork skills as a member of a 6 person team to complete challenges. The challenges are customized to fit with the company objectives. Teams plan their strategy of exploring St. Augustine in the most effective way taking advantage of the strengths and interests of team members. Examples of challenges can include chocolate tasting, solving a puzzle at the old Spanish Castillo (fort), and meeting a character from the historic past. Formal facilitation is provided to make this a valuable learning experience.

The Oldest Amazzing Race

Based on the popular TV show, the Oldest Amazzing Race team building event is as fun as it gets. We incorporate all the strategic components of the TV show complete with Roadblocks, FastForwards, Detours, and we even have the symbolic Road Marker clue boxes. The program is designed to reward teams that work together and communicate effectively. A race setting like St. Augustine adds another dimension because clues are received from historic characters such as Henry Flagler. You enter historic attractions like the Fountain of Youth to choose between tasks as part of a Detour. Teams follow the maze of brick passageways through the Ancient City learning history and culture along the way. You can choose tasks that best fit your group such as wine tasting and chocolate tasting. In the end, teams step on the red mat to be greeted and awarded prizes. Formal facilitation is provided to make this a valuable learning experience.

The Amazing Scavenger Hunt 

Our professional tour guides meet your group to go over the ground rules. This is no ordinary scavenger hunt since we have mixed in the strategic components of the Amazing Race TV program complete with Roadblocks and FastForwards. Teams compete for fun but the program is designed to reward teams that work together and communicate effectively. There is no better setting than the quaint streets of the old historic districts. Plan to learn a lot of the history along the way since we divide the program into logical historic periods: Spanish & English Colonial, Early American, and Gilded Age. In each period, your team may be instructed to gather objects, answer questions, and solve a puzzle for points. To keep the groups on the proper time track, envelopes with clues can be opened for a penalty. This is designed to be educational, fun, strategic, and competitive. Prizes are awarded to winning teams. There is no formal facilitation with this program.

The Red Badge of Courage

A book of challenges faces the participants just as enemy fire faced the soldiers in the famous war novel. The group is divided into teams to take on the best of St. Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City. Challenges such as an aerial zip line course across an alligator pit, balancing on steps above a crocodile pen, and navigating the maze of brick passageways await the brave guests. The program is designed to reward teams that work together, encourage each other, and communicate effectively. An historic setting such as St. Augustine adds another dimension given all the history and culture from the colonial and Victorian periods of time. You also enter attractions such as the Alligator Farm and the Castillo de San Marcos, the stone fort that was never taken in battle. In the end, the team that has completed the most number of challenges wins the Red Badge of Courage.


Downtown CLUE in Jacksonville

Based on the classic board game, CLUE, this team building program brings the spirited mystery to life. Teams figure out WHO did it, WHERE they did it, and WHAT is missing. The program takes place in the Jacksonville Landing along the St. Johns River, the pedestrian friendly Laura Street area, and above the city on the Skyway trains. Teams go into museums, libraries, book stores, restaurants, sport stores, and even navigate the secret underground tunnels. The teams look for clues, solve puzzles, find old photographs and participate in food tastings as part of the mystery. The original characters such as Colonel Mustard, Miss Peacock, Professor Plum, Mrs. Scarlett, and Mr. Green are all part of the interactive fun. In the end, the first team to have solved the mystery wins. You can choose tasks that best fit your group such as beer tasting and dessert tasting.

Length: 2 – 3 hours.
Price: Call for pricing and variations, about $48/person including prizes.

Variations: the program can start at your base hotel or the Jacksonville Landing. There are several ending locations to choose from in Downtown Jacksonville on either side of the river, such as a micro brewery or a pizza pub.