1. Stress Free: If you’re organizing a party or attending one with a group of your friends, transport arrangement can be stressful. Hiring a limousine service for the evening could work out to your benefit and definitely eliminate some stress. The added benefit of using a professional limo service is the door to door service. No need to worry about finding the venue or a pick up address as many companies will pick you up from the address of your choice.
  2. Celebrate In Style: Why should you wait till you reach your destination to start the festivities? Limo services are more than happy to include bottles of champagne for you and your crew.
  3. Comfort: A limousine is perfect if you want to travel in luxury. The comfortable leather seat, the extra leg-room and definitely a great alternative to a bus or a friend’s old car.
  4. Make an Entrance: If you want to arrive at your destination in style and make a dramatic entrance, a limousine service is the route to take.
  5. Unforgettable Experience: If you’ve never used a limo service to get to a special event before, it is definitely an experience to remember. Make your next event more special by arriving in style.
  6. Reliability. East Coast limousine services built their reputation by being punctual and reliable. Time is equal to money in business, which is why many successful corporations rely on limousines to provide transportation services in a timely manner.
  7. Service. A person travelling for business has different needs then a person traveling as a tourist and thus expects a higher standard of service. Especially when a business uses a limousine service for visiting executives from partner companies or corporate account holders they require the highest quality of service. East Coast Transportation understands these special needs and the mindset of business executives and delivers on the expectation of outstanding service – always polite and professional.
  8. Style. Your image is very important. As such arriving in style to a business meeting or corporate function is all part of upholding this image. A limousine service or sedan used for corporate travel are loaded with various amenities that help make the business executive comfortable and able to relax for a few minutes and get their thoughts together before an important meeting or big presentation. The use of a corporate limousine service allows executives to make a statement to their clients and competitors as they arrive in comfort.
  9. Convenience. Using a corporate limousine for luxury transportation can be the ultimate convenience. A corporate limousine service like East Coast will provide pick-ups and drop-offs at any location throughout the city, this way business travelers don’t have to wait in a phone queue, try and flag a taxi, or drive through busy streets and deal with parking. Corporate limousines can be used after business hours as well, taking executives and their clients to and from dinner meetings and a night out on the town; corporate limousines are not just for functions, meetings, or site inspections anymore!
  10. Price. With the reliability, luxury, and convenience that a corporate limousine can offer, using a corporate limousine service like East Coast can be surprisingly cost effective. Since we want repeat business from our clients we offer corporate rates, packages, and hotel discounts to visiting business executives. When this is all taken into consideration a corporate limousine service is a win-win proposition.